flat earth

“flat earth is a fictional story about my surroundings at the verge of adulthood. the work is an entity where my personal memories, captured in photographs, merge with newer staged images made particularly for this project.

the base for the work consists of diary-like snapshots i’ve taken between ages 19–25. i mix those photos with staged ones, some planned quite carefully, some created in spontaneous moments. those photos imitate the technique and atmosphere of the snapshots, making it hard to draw the line between documentary and fiction.

creating a visual narrative is no longer just a thing for professional photographers or artists. most of us use self-portraits to create a distinct image of ourselves, a brand, for the public in image-based social media apps like instagram. i find the topic intriguing to work with, since the vast amount of images and their influence on us is such a powerful part of our daily lives today.

at the moment the project exists in the form of a book dummy, yet to be continued and take new forms.“